Google SERP Tricks

Top E-commerce SEO Google SERP Tricks and Feature

SEO is the key to a successful e-commerce business with proper SERP Tricks. Think about businesses who put up a billboard or purchase ad space to market their products that do not gain as much profit as e-commerce businesses because they invest in SEO. SEO is the main factor behind their remarkable success. You can reach a wide range of customers through SEO. Thus, getting your website oriented to SEO can help you a lot. Before visiting your website, they can get to know about your business through SERP.  Thus, to get customer traffic to your website, frame your website as per the SERP features.

Now, the question is how to achieve it? We are here to help you out in getting your website designed as per the SERP Tricks & features. Let’s take a look at the four features-:

  • Rich cards- It was first introduced by Google in 2016. It is a mobile SERP feature. You can get the results of your business richer using structured data. This feature can make your site look more appealing, and clickable. If you looking out for a product in Google, results by the language will ask Google to display the product along with the image so that it provides the uses to explore more or not. The reason behind its high popularity because it accounted for approximately 55% of the online traffic worldwide in 2021 and will continue to bring more sales in further years.
  • Google Images results- These are as well important to gain customers. A standard product description is important for a successful business but always remember if the customer gets to view high-quality images of your products, it can drive more conversation rate. But ensure that the image must be completely yours. Next, try to give the image a name that will depict your product and each word will be separated by a hyphen. Do not put huge image files as they can slow down your website.
  • Rich snippets- You may wonder why rich cards and rich snippets are essential for your business. This is because rich cards will provide images of the products while rich snippets will provide extra details about these products. You just need to have the idea of which data to provide to grab customers’ attention. Most e-commerce companies, provide details such as prices, in-stock status, sales, various brands, etc. thus, these can be a great way of providing extra information to the users and driving them towards your website.
  • Sitelinks- It is the last thing which you can do for your website. At least attempt to optimize your website for site links. The reason why I used the word “attempt” is that it is not a SERP feature like structured information or alt text. A few things to keep in mind for Google to select your site link is to put keywords, internal linking, etc.

Businesses always find it difficult to beat their competitors. But, SEO is the solution to all problems.