Google AdSense Guide

Google AdSense Guide for Increasing Earnings and Escape Low CPC

Providing Google AdSense Guide nowadays, every marketer or business owner looks for ways to earn profits through Google Adsense.  Take a look at this article so that you can learn some easy steps and follow some simple tips to earn profits through Google Adsense. If you follow the steps strictly, I can bet you to experience high earnings at least five times more than average earnings.

The prime and main objective is to increase your Adsense CPC and CTR step by step. Just follow the Google AdSense Guide given below, to observe a considerable change in your income-:

  • Content is the prime thing on Internet and Adsense- Content is the supreme thing in any website as it can help you win the SEO. It is one of the important things to rule in the world of marketing. Content is the first thing observed by the visitors, and advertisers when they visit your webpage. If your webpage does not provide the users a standard content, Google will rate your website low on the list and your CPC will also fall. So, it is always essential to keep in mind that the content you provide to your customers must be unique and should be loved by them.
  • Ad sizes and placements decision to be taken properly- Never neglect the importance of ad sizes and placements. Make sure to provide the best user experience and ad viewability. Sometimes the users feel disgusted if the content is improperly placed and hides the main content. Now, the question arises which size and placement area is best for ads? Keep a rectangle ad on the top of your content just below the heading of size 336*280 and one of size 468*60 in the middle of your content.
  • Limit the use of AdSense and units- Try limiting the use of Adsense ad units. This can help you increase your Adsense CPC. This is because if your webpage does not have enough content, low-paying ads will start getting displayed on your website, which will eventually lead to a rise in click-through rate but the ads played on your website will not have relevance to your website so the CPC will start falling and AdSense income will also decrease. Replace the low CTR ad units with high-paying ad units, which will provide you with high CTR and your income will increase as a result.
  • Allow both text and image, media-rich ads- Always permit the use of both text and image ads on your website. Never restrain your ad visibility to “only image or text ads” because it will lower your Adsense CPC. If you allow both “text and image ads” on your website, Adsense will automatically display high-paying ads which will increase your CPC. This means, more advertisers will bid on your website which means more AdSense CPC.

Follow all the advice stated above so that you can observe a significant change in your CTR which will eventually lead to a rise in Adsense earnings.