2022 Google Updates

Everything Business Needs to Win at Search: Round up 2022 Google Updates

Before knowing any google updates, do you have an SEO-oriented website?  Or despite having a website, you are not being able to bring in sales. This is because you are not following the latest updates of Google. Google updates can influence your ranking and help your business to grow.

Let’s take a look at the recent updates of Google Updates:

  • Passage indexing- This was announced in October 2020 which is also known as passage ranking. The main aim of this update is that it targets a sentence or a paragraph from a long-type article. It will put more importance on keywords rather than titles and sub-titles.
  • Featured snippet drop/ featured snippet recovery- Around the time f mid-February it vanished from the SERPs on Google. But it returned within a few months. The basic difference between passage indexing and feature snippet is that snippet focuses on the whole web page finding out relevance on the selected topic while passage indexing targets a small element of a long article.
  • Product review- Google does not consider it as a core update. After the review update, it has become more important than ever. Strict supervision is maintained on the fact that having a brief discussion on the product details without pushing them to purchase from an affiliate.
  • Multitask Unified Model or MUM- This was updated by Google in June. It is an extension of passage indexing. It uses AI in replacement of BERT to improve the experience of the customers. It targets at removing any language barriers, wrong spellings thus, it aims to remove any irrelevant content present at the top of the page to provide appropriate content.
  • Spam updates- This update came in June. It was crafted to have only relevant and appropriate content and remove any sinister tactics. It is advisable to keep the guidelines given by Google on the top of the page as it will reduce the chances of your website creating misunderstandings and allegations of traffic hoarding.
  • Page experience update- This was implemented in June. One of the biggest consequences of this update is that AMP is no longer important to rank at the top.
  • Link spam update- This is another spam-detecting algorithm implemented in July. It will focus on backlinks. Google has referred to this update as “nullifying spam” links without penalizing them. Thus, Google will stop keeping track of inappropriate links for page ranking.
  • Page title rewrites- it was updated in August. Google will focus on the page titles and will differentiate between various headlines in search results. This update does not significantly change the whole title but makes adjustments to it. Try to keep your headings short, meaningful, and readable.
  • Confirmed core update- This is another core algorithm implemented in November. The consequence of this update will become more evident with time.

Follow all the updates to rank at the top of the SERPs on Google. And For AdSence check out our latest AdSence Guilde 2022.