Competitor Research

Know the Crucial Things Missing From Your Competitor Research

Business is not only about having good quality products and services but also good competitor research. A proper marketing strategy is also essential to share your product information with a wide range of customers. SEO is one such marketing strategy with multiple benefits. E-commerce businesses are gaining popularity and sales through SEO. It is the main factor for a successful website. An SEO strategy will include competitive research but the most important thing is not to miss out on any important points.

Let’s take a look at the points essential for Competitor Research that will help you to gain more sales:

  • Competitors at a glance for domain analysis- You will never have one competitor in the real world, at least you have to face more than 10 competitors. This section will provide you with the details of how to compare your competitors. The key points are-:
  1. How old or new is your competitor in the market?
  2. How many backlinks your competitor has managed to obtain?
  3. How huge is their website?
  4. How much traffic does their website gain?

Observing all the details, you will get an overview of your competitors and learn from them.

  • Online sentiment and customer satisfaction- You should know about the customer’s response towards competitors’ products. You need to know whether they are happy with their products or not. Will you have a chance to win their customers? Know about the particular feature that makes your competitor’s customer unhappy. If you know the factors that your competitor is not being able to fulfill, you can add them to your business and avoid making mistakes.
  • PPC keywords- The majority of the competitive reports involve organic keywords but PPC keywords can be a great help. If you come to know about your competitor’s keywords, you will come to know which word they are putting importance on. It is an intelligent technique to know high and low competition keywords without spending a huge sum of money on ads. Always put importance on competitors’ branded keywords.
  • Branded questions- The niche question has multiple benefits but the most striking benefit is its use in competitive research. Take a note of details such as drawbacks of your competitor’s company, customers’ failure, etc. Also, keep a track of “people also ask” because it will give you an insight into the interests of the customers and their research styles.
  • Your competitor’s promoters- Know about the vocal promoters of the competitor’s brand. Find out whether you can manage them to promote your brand. Is there any way by which they can promote your brand? If so, arrange for it. Check out the backlinks of your competitor to know about their promoters. Social media is another great way to find out their promoters. Always remember, your competitor’s friends are not your enemies, they are a way to win more customers.

Read the above points to find out details about your competitor and beat them by earning more profits. You can also check some latest SERP tricks to boost your business