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Best Social Media Marketing Company in Kolkata, India

When you are looking for the top social media marketing company in Kolkata, you will surely be direct toward SK Web World. We produce before our clients a plethora of social media marketing services. All our services are backed up by a strong team of social media professionals. These personas are witty, friendly, communicative, great strategists and above all tech-savvy.

We aspire to deliver you the best results by taking the whole responsibility of your social media services that will augment the identity of your brand. Each service is catered to with utmost expertise. We try to broaden the scope of your brand. Social media does not only media Facebook. There is much more to it. Being of the finest social media agencies in Kolkata, we work for all clients under the sun.

Our social media services include:


Social media marketing

Through the services of social media marketing, we help to create and maintain a friendly relationship with the customers. This is how we overcome crisis situations. At the same time, we maintain a positive image and position of the brand. Again, this makes it possible to gather traffic and channelize your brand.


Social media optimization

Social media management services generate quick worth of brand, its recognition, visitors and their traffic. Our dedicated social media team is ready to hand over to you all the above mentioned aspects. So, do not worry.


Online reputation management

ORM or online reputation management takes care of the management and search results of your products and services. This plays the role of a PR where the image of a specific brand is enlightened.

Why choose us?

➤ Dedicated and organized team of professionals

➤ Conducting direct discussion sessions

➤ Affordable prices

➤ Supportive of every situation

Social media marketing focus on:

➤ Creation of unique social media profiles or pages for online marketing.

➤ Compete with the conventional search engine by creating strong social media strategy.

➤ Increase the exposure of the company with the help of natural links.

➤ Promote and support advertising campaigns by exposing your products and services in social media channels.

➤ Create a chance for drawing more sales and revenue by promoting a website and the business.

Brand monitoring

Enhance the reputation of your business by using the various social media tools inside the software marketing. Find out and have a record of the number of times your brand is mentioned and the respective client’s behavior.

Social media contests

Either participate or organize contests that in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This increases the traffic in web. All details of the contest will be provided by our team professionals.

Setup and custom profile design

In order to attract web users, you have to make sure that your page is filled up with relevant images, videos, background, and graphics. Out social media team is aware of the competitor’s website. Hence they will deal with your website under tender care.

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