Zero Search Volume Keywords

Why Should You Focus On Zero Search Volume Keywords? Discover Perks Here!

The search volume of keywords is an essential metric and it is taken care of carefully during the use of keyword planners and/or keyword research tools.

In general, SEO consultant Mumbai focus on high search volume keywords with low keyword difficulty scores. So, when it is all about targeting/focusing zero search volume keywords, most SEO professionals raise eyebrows with doubt. Some of them might ask….


Is it worth investing time, energy, effort, and money in zero-volume keywords?

Is there any merit in actually targeting a zero-search volume keyword?

Should I optimize content with zero search volume keywords?


Well, you would be surprised to know that zero search volume keywords actually work extremely well in various cases that high search volume keywords cannot. According to a reliable source, 16% to 20% of keywords searched on Google every day are completely brand new. So, SEO consultant Mumbai is thinking of focusing on zero search volume keywords to execute a brand new SEO campaign, you would definitely end up with more traffic and conversion rate. To know how, please read the blog in full.


Zero Search Volume Keywords

Why Zero Search Volume Keywords are Secret Traffic Goldmine?


Unique Site Structure Formation:

Wait a minute, here are not talking about design for your website/eCommerce site but we are talking about unique content structure formation. You can use those zero search volume keywords to create content when such keywords relate to what your company does and service offers. Such SK Web World would help search engines to know about your business and help potential customers reach out to your site when they are looking for the same.


Relevant to Customers’ Questions:

Customers visit those sites that can answer their queries. So, whether your targeted keywords have a higher search volume or zero search volume, if it can answers the questions people ask for, these keywords would be great for driving traffic to your site.


Chances Getting Higher Rank with Trendy Phrases:

If you have started a business in a new niche, obviously you would use new words and phrases to produce content for your site. These phrases/keywords you would use in your content become high-volume keywords within weeks and a year. In general, a keyword research tool takes nearly 12months/1 year to recognize new trendy phrases as high-volume keywords.


Low Competition But Higher Rank:

Big brands/companies do not target/value zero search volume keywords. So, if you target zero or low search volume keywords (make sure to keep those keywords unique and attentive), you can easily take your brand name (website) straight to the top of SERPs with less effort.


Additional Benefits Targeting Zero Search Volume Keywords

Other parks you would get if you target zero search volume keywords are,

  • Reach out to those few people who are really looking for the products you are providing and they are ready to convert into customers.
  • Produce high-quality and unique content for unique customers who are hungry for genuinely knowledge-full information.
  • Easily invite web crawlers to your site and let crawlers find the new content first on your site and let pages rank faster than usual.

So, don’t think, just produce and post content for your site with new/zero search volume keywords; and get ready to experience a drastic flood of traffic on your site in the coming days. It is a matter of a while….nothing more.