Google Algorithm

The Google Algorithm? A Comprehensive Guide Just For Beginners

There was a chapter named algorithm in math while in class 10. Many of you may remember them while many my not, but Google’s algorithm is much popular than the math’s algorithm. Even the business man are quite aware about any little changes in Google algorithm and hence it is quite an important term.


What is Google Algorithm?

The complicated Google search algorithm enables the search engine to identify, prioritize, and display the pages that are most pertinent to a given query. Algorithms are used in computer science to address issues such as sorting objects alphabetically or determining the greatest integer in a list. Similar to this, search engines like Google utilize algorithms to decide which websites, based on a number of particular criteria, should appear in the best order in their results. All the SEO company in Kolkata and around the country and globe will mandatorily follow these factors and get the highest rank.

Every year, Google releases millions of algorithm adjustments to improve its results, but most of these are so small as to be ignored. However, significant changes to Google’s algorithm—known as “Core Updates”—occur periodically. You might see significant changes in your website’s performance, or none at all, depending on your industry and the design of your website.


Factors that google Algorithms normally works on:

  • Content
  • User experience of the website based on speed, mobile friendliness, visual stability and user interactivity.
  • Keywords usage along with heading and sub heading in a particular website
  • The age and popularity of the website
  • The footprints of the website all over the internet.

Businesses may increase the number of visitors to their website and raise its search engine rating by learning how Google algorithms operate.


Overall view of the Google algorithm

Here’s a summary of some significant past adjustments and their effects on page-ranking tactics to help you better grasp how Google algorithm changes work.


Google announced the “Caffeine update” to make it easier to find fresh material more quickly. The search engine was able to enhance its “indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness, and other dimensions” as a result of the indexing mechanism being modified.

Google Panda:

Google Panda was introduced in 2011 with the intention of penalizing low-quality content and rewarding valuable, unique, and high-quality content. Marketers were sure to create informative, high-quality content, rewrite failing pieces, and employ keywords intelligently in order to “survive” Google Panda.


Google launched the Penguin update in 2012 with the goal of blocking all spam links. The purpose of this upgrade was to identify links that are spammy, irrelevant, or of poor quality and to penalize the websites that host them. One of the most well-known modifications to Google’s algorithm is regarded as Penguin.

Google Hummingbird

The goal of this 2013 ranking algorithm upgrade was to close the disparity between the kinds of material people were really using and the keywords they were using.  Make an effort to create content that fully addresses the wants and questions of users. Use structured data markup as well to improve your content’s understanding by search engines.

Google RankBrain

2015 saw the release of RankBrain, an AI addition to Google’s algorithm. It aids in processing and interpreting unclear search requests. How to handle RankBrain:


Bert was identified by Google as the largest upgrade to be released in the previous five years. Google is better able to comprehend the context and subtleties of search queries because to BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers).

Hope this piece of information will help you gain the knowledge about the Google’s algorithm and why its important.