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Effective Steps for Maintaining a Website Perpetually Optimized for Page Speed

Does your website take a long time to load? Losing visitors due to a slow-loading website? Cannot your website make its place on the top of SERPs? Stop worrying, rather take this blog as your guide and get ready to boost your website performance ranking higher on Google’s SERPs and delivering the best experience to your users.


Sooner or later, we all have experienced a few websites that take too much time to load, and obviously, it is a good first-time impression. No doubt, a fast-loading website engages more traffic and encourages visitors to explore more. On the contrary, a slow-loading website does just the opposite. So, today we will learn how to optimized Page Speed of your website and maintain the top performance of your website over time.

It’s time to go deeper….


Roadmap for a Website to Optimize Forever Page Speed 


Before we start exploring the roadmap, we need to know a few things that are extremely important for website speed optimization.


Why webpage speed is important for SEO?


Your website must open quickly because it impacts your users. Once your website loads quickly, it ensures a good user experience, helps users find their required information quickly, and encourages the users to check out the rest of the website spontaneously. You need to keep in mind that 70% of users don’t feel like shopping or coming back to a website that loads slowly. So, if you want your website to stay on the top of SERPs, make sure,


  • It loads faster
  • The website server is working great
  • Deliver the best experience to your users to increase sales and conversion rates.


What is CWV in Page Ranking Factor? How Is it Worth?


Let’s find out how speed helps a website rank high on Google’s SERPs,


Usually, Google collects data on page speed from Chrome users and takes the data as a page ranking signal. This is called CWV or Core Web Vitals. CWV consists of.


  • LCP or Largest Contentful Pain
  • CLS or Cumulative Layout Shifts
  • FID or First Input Delay, very soon it will be replaced by INP (Interaction to Next Paint)

If 75% or above users’ experience is rated good by Google based on the three CWV metrics, get ready to have maximum ranking benefits on SERPs.


7-Step Optimizing Website Speed for Better Performance


Now, it is time to know the steps to monitor website speed. Let us know the steps in detail….


1. Run a Website Performance Test: You should run a free website speed test to know how much faster or slower your website loads.


2. Website Monitoring: Yes, you need to set up a website monitoring routine. This helps you identify any new/persistent website performance issues with reports.


3. Real User Monitoring: Select the best website monitoring tool and set it up on your website to collect and store data from real users’ activities including the CWV experience for your users on the website.


4. Specify Performance Metrics Through Data: If you find your website is not performing well on CWV metrics, try to go deep to locate specific problems that hinder your website to load faster or provide the best user experience.


5. Frequent Page Speed Test: Set up a scheduled performance test and/or a page speed test hourly/daily/weekly to monitor your website. It will help you to identify how your website is doing in CWV metrics.


6. Web Performance Drop Alert: Set up an alert system to get notified for problems that arise during new image loading, installing third-party scripts, hosting setup, or like this. You will be notified via email or a website dashboard.


7. Speed Test Result Comparisons: Before and after every regression/progression of your website speed, compare the results to understand the actual issues. It will help you optimize your website far better and ensure a better experience for your users.


Putting Things Together, 


The process of webpage speed optimization is hectic and requires extreme attention to detail to implement and/or eliminate certain tools and metrics that only a professional SEO service company can help you out.

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