ChatGPT Vs. Bard Vs. Bing: What are the Differences? Explore Here

For the past few months, AI chatbots have been creating howls more than ever for numerous positive reasons. Popular AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing have been differences in the news for some reason or the other since their launch. These AI platforms are not only tools to rectify grammar but also they are encyclopedias for working professionals to learners irrespective of niches. Though, the toughest job is to pick the best one which is most affordable and truly user-friendly to accomplish day-to-day tasks.

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Distinctive Features of ChatGPT, Bard, & Bing with Differences

So, let’s make your task easy in discovering the differences among these three AI chatbot giants – ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing. We would start with definitions of all these three AI chatbots. Let us dig in…..


Let’s Know What ChatGPT Is –

ChatGPT is trained to produce and provide query-relevant answers. It is a giant language generation model. It offers answers to quarries by undergoing a large set of data and utilizing the LLM (large language model) to produce humanlike responses. It can provide answers in the user’s desired language as well.


ChatGPT Features

  • It understands the questions in a broad conversational context and provides topic-specific answers precisely.


  • It learns from the prior exchanges of quarries and knowledge and answers the appropriate information based on its learning


  • It can be utilized as a language-learning tool.


Let’s Know What Google Bard Is –

It is a LaMDA-powered experimental AI conversation service. It can provide answers through conversational quarries and responses. It counts on Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) to understand the users’ quarries and their contexts.


Bard’s Features

  • It uses the LaMDA model now. Soon it will use PaLM, Imagen, and MusicLM to provide more precise responses to its users.


  • It offers significant answers by presenting videos and image references in different languages preferred by the users.


  • In the coming days, it will infuse images, videos, and audio to offer more detailed answers to users.



Let’s Know What Microsoft Bing Is –

It is a widely known web search engine and it is powered by Microsoft. It offers high-quality content to its users in forty different languages. It provides simple yet very relevant search results.


Bing’s Features

  • Bing was the first one that offered “Infinite scroll”.


  • It offers a simpler user interface compared to other AI chatbot platforms.


  • It provides distinctive video search results and you don’t need to leave the SERP to play the video.


  • It offers search results that are clutter-free and simpler to use.


Time to Unveil the Differences: ChatGPT vs. Bard vs. Bing

  1. ChatGPT and Bing, both are created by OpenAI. While ChatGPT uses GPT-4 technology, Bing uses advanced GPT-4 technology. Whereas, Google Bard is powered by LaMDA and developed by Alphabet/Google.


  1. ChatGPT is a Unimodal; though Bard and Bing both are Multi-Modal.



  1. In the case of inputs, ChatGPT accepts input in the form of text, Bing accepts in the form of text and/or speech, and Bard accepts inputs in the form of texts, images, audio, and more on.


  1. Both Bard and Bing provide more precise and accurate information compared to ChatGPT.


  1. ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing – all are free to use. Though, ChatGPT offers a paid version in the name of ChatGPT Plus.



No doubt, all these three AI platforms are predominating with their uniqueness and advantages. Though, we need to accept that AI has its limitations.

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