Top Dedicated Hosting Provider

Reliable Dedicated Hosting: Top 5 Providers

Big websites and applications with resource-intensive features and higher hardware specs require a robust web hosting infrastructure to build an online presence. A dedicated hosting server is a reliable web hosting server in which companies can invest. Enterprise-grade features, robust security, and However, choosing the best dedicated hosting provider offer requires extensive research and guidance.

We have brought this guide mentioning top dedicated hosting providers that meet your business scalability with no hassles. Host your high-traffic websites or applications on these reliable dedicated hosting service providers. Read on.


Top Dedicated Hosting Service Providers 2024

1. MilesWeb

MilesWeb is the best dedicated hosting service provider to buy dedicated server India offering top-grade resources, free cPanel, managed server support, and others. They deploy their servers in ISO certified Tier 4 data centers offering a guaranteed 99.95% uptime. There are special deals, and custom plans available for website owners. If any user wants to try the dedicated hosting server from MilesWeb, the web host offers a free trial. The server resources are exemplary and they help in boosting the online presence of mission-critical websites and applications.

At MilesWeb’s cheap storage dedicated server hosting clients get up to 25 Gbps network speed, low latency, and Intel/AMD processors. With these hardware specs, there are no performance lag and technical glitches as the web host provides technical support.

Cost: Plans start at ₹3,495 per month.


2. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a US based dedicated hosting company offering servers based on Tier I networks. Also, hardware configurations like free SSL, unmetered bandwidth, and global data center choices are some of the major USPs of MilesWeb that are missing in InMotion Hosting dedicated hosting plans. The web host only has data centers in the US and EU (European Union) because if the websites’ target visitors are others apart from these locations, it will show a performance lag. Although the plan’s cost of InMotion Hosting is lesser than MilesWeb it comes at the cost of configuration limitation.

Cost: Plans start at ₹2,989 per month.


3. HostGator

HostGator offers only 3 dedicated hosting plans with customer support and limited IT resources. The plan’s costs are also expensive as compared to MilesWeb and InMotion Hosting. So, it is just the US brand name that allows it to market its services. The web host offers HDDs and SDDs based dedicated hosting servers and there are WHMCS pre-configured in their plans. You get dedicated hosting servers with full root access, DDoS protection, and other features.

Cost: Plans start at ₹9,269 per month.


4. InterServer

One major limitation in InterServer which we found is the floating IP address. Due to this, there will be no dedicated IP address allocated to a single client. It may lead to data security breaches. However, InterServer offers other features that MilesWeb also includes in their dedicated hosting plans. Most of InterServer’s servers are hosted in the NYC (New York Corporation) region. Even they don’t have any global network data centers which may lead to performance issues for websites. Apart from these, they incorporate SATA storage which most of the dedicated hosting provider does not offer. SSD NVMe storage is the industry storage.

Cost: Plans start at ₹4,069 per month.


5. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting scores quite high in disk space but still we would like to give #5 rank because of its expensiveness which many website owners may not prefer. Even on the lowest plan, you get 2x1TB storage, which is more than any other provider offers.

However, its plans are quite expensive – the lowest plan starts at $159.99/month! The rest of the time, A2 Hosting doesn’t really fail at anything, nor does it really succeed at anything either.


Summing Up

The quest for a reliable dedicated hosting provider can feel like searching for a diamond in the rough. You need a solution that offers exceptional performance, unwavering security, and the flexibility to adapt to your business’s growth.

While this blog post explored the top 5 contenders, MilesWeb stands out as a compelling choice for businesses seeking a perfect blend of affordability, scalability, and industry-leading support.

MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting provider’s plans are meticulously crafted to cater to diverse website needs, from high-traffic e-commerce stores to data-driven applications. Their commitment to superior uptime, robust security features, and 24/7/365 customer service ensures your website thrives in a secure and optimized environment.