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12 FEB 2016
Benefits of Long and Infinite Scrolling for Websites
Posted by Sudip Paul

After implementation by some big websites, long and infinite scrolling is gaining popularity even in website design trends of various startups. The recent data related to increase in the conversions due to long scrolling trend has made this method more popular among websites like e-commerce, listing directories and even regular content websites...

14 FEB 2016
10 Important Social Media Marketing Trends to be Expected in 2016
Posted by Sudip Paul

The huge leap in social media has been amazing in the year 2015. All in all, the social media is booming as you can see. So, what are the trends we should be expecting in the upcoming year i.e. 2016? The following post thus provides an outline on the social media strategy of 2016…

01 MARCH 2016
7 Essential Techniques To Become Design Critiques
Posted by Sudip Paul

Design criticism is vital processes to make sure that the UI / UX design is as per the modern standards with ability to give best user experience. This gives you a scope of improvement so that you are able to deliver much more than the potential…

13 MARCH 2016
How to Improve Google Ranking with The Help of Modern Search Metrics?
Posted by Sudip Paul

As far as the modern digital market is concerned, user experience is given primary importance by Google. The websites that enhance user experience tend to rank higher in the search engines than websites which do not meet their satisfaction standards. Unlike the traditional methods of ranking websites only according to their structure, Google has adopted a new trend to give significant importance to the quality of user experience…

20 MARCH 2016
How to Find Low Quality Content and Fix It
Posted by Sudip Paul

Content is a vital part of a website. If you cannot provide proper content on your website, it will not gain good readership. To generate good traffic, you need to feed your website visitors with constant content which must be engaging. The recent 4.0 Panda update, it has become mandatory for websites to remove low value content to avoid negative effect on the website’s organic search visibility. Learn how can you deal with low quality content…