PHP Training

Job Oriented PHP Training Course in Kolkata

Today when PHP training in Kolkata is climbing ecstatic heights, we bring forth a new dimension to the PHP learning platform. With our institute you can expect to actually learn PHP in the smoothest possible manner which will not require outstanding technical knowledge on your part. We believe that teaching is an art and that should be done in the method that the student understands instead of a super complicated format to show off the teachers knowledge hub.

What is PHP/MySQL?

PHP is an open source technology to develop web pages. It is an essential programming language for web developers who wish to develop dynamic web pages with a wide range on functionality. It is a task specific language that can outstandingly develop vast database oriented e-commerce websites. It is a very flexible programming language supported by almost all operating systems such as Linux, Unix, MS Windows, AS/400, Apple Mac and a lot more. For databases, this technology uses OS-CP databases and regarding web server, it is compatible will MySQL and Apache. Thus, if you want a career in web development then PHP/MySQL is a must in your curriculum vitae.

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